Active holiday and adventure

‘My Trail’ is a map of Hiiumaa which helps you to spend time together and create a unique travel memory! Find pre-listed places on the map and add your favourites. With the map, you get stickers that make it easier… Loe lähemalt

Emmaste outdoor gym

Emmaste outdoor gym consists of six machines and you can train all muscle groups. Four of the six devices are two-sided, so ten people can train at the same time.The outdoor gym is located in the centre, there is a… Loe lähemalt

Explore the islets of Hiiumaa by boat

Yearning to get away from it all on the islets of Hiiumaa? Come hike with the local fishermen who have lived on them! We recommend a three-hour guided hiking package to the Saarnaki farmhouses. There are many options for hiking… Loe lähemalt

Hiiumaa Sports Center

It is time to play, time to develop, time to move, and time to grow. Come and take your time!The sports centre offers great opportunities for a variety of sports. It is possible to play football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton,… Loe lähemalt

Hiiumaa Tennis Club

Hiiumaa Tennis Club was founded in 1990 and has been operating ever since. It trains up-and-coming players and organises competitions. Its courts are located in the heart of Kärdla, not far from the central square. There are four clay courts… Loe lähemalt

Kaleste beach

“A mystical paradise in beautiful nature. The scenery and beachfront are full of surprises. What other beach hides golden eggs on it?” Paradise is a place and a time. Kaleste beach is one of those places that writer Tõnu Õnnepalu… Loe lähemalt

Kärdla beach

The beach in Kärlda, the capital of Hiiumaa, is shallow and has a gentle slope. The beach is partly covered by grass but the seabed is sandy. A wooden bridge has been constructed in order to make the descent into… Loe lähemalt

Kõrgessaare outdoor gym

In the outdoor gym in the heart of Kõrgessaare Centre, you can train all muscle groups. Come and enjoy the nature, warm up by running in the beautiful manor park, and have a refreshing work out session!Next to the outdoor… Loe lähemalt

Let’s sail from Haapsalu to Hiiumaa!

Come and have a holiday while sailing to Hiiumaa! Hiiumaa is the second largest island in Estonia; it is surrounded by the Väinameri in the south-east and the open sea in the north and west. • A trip to the… Loe lähemalt

Liivalauka beach

Liivalauka beach is located 3 km from the Sõru harbour towards Tohvri. Sõru-Tohvri highway is a picturesque village road by the sea, winding between swipe wells and lighthouses of Tohvri. You can swim on your own responsibility, as this is… Loe lähemalt
Luidja beach is the perfect place for a beach holiday. The road to the beach runs through the Luidja alder forest. The 2.5 km sandy beach has been tidied up and there are four beach volleyball courts. In the summer,… Loe lähemalt
The 35-metre long and 8-metre wide three-masted motor sailboat Ernst Jaakson (Alar) is the largest old boat to survive in Estonia. The boat was built in 1937–1939 in the Village of Õngu on Hiiumaa Island. Most of its life was… Loe lähemalt

Ristna beach

Ristna beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Estonia; it is located in Hiiumaa on the tip of the Kõpu peninsula. Due to the relief of the seafloor, western winds create surf waves rolling onto the beach; this… Loe lähemalt

Surf Paradise

Surf Paradise is located at the top of Kõpu Peninsula in Ristna. Here, you can enjoy extreme water sports on the biggest waves in the Baltic Sea. We provide water sports attractions such as jet skis, towed water sports equipment,… Loe lähemalt

Suuremõisa outdoor gym

The outdoor gym in the immediate vicinity of Suuremõisa Castle and sports building is suitable for everyone. There are seven devices available for fitness training.Come and work out while enjoying the beautiful nature and admiring the Suuremõisa Castle. Loe lähemalt
Tõrvanina beach is the nearest sandy beach to Kärdla. An RMK campsite has been set up under the pine trees along the beach. Tõrvanina is famous for its white singing sands and a sandy seabed. Going into the water is… Loe lähemalt
The islets of Hiiumaa are the best kayaking location in the Baltic region.  Stunning in their natural beauty and full of cultural heritage, the islets are the perfect distance from each other for kayaking. With a low sea level between… Loe lähemalt
The sailing ship Lisette offers voyages in the waters of Hiiumaa because the surrounding water bodies are exciting and diverse and hide stories of ships, sailors, winds, and storms in them. The local ports are welcoming and safe, and the islets… Loe lähemalt

Windtower Experience Centre

QUIET ISLAND, GENUINE EXPERIENCE Just as Hiiumaa is very diverse with its beautiful nature and culture, the Windtower is a combination of a museum, a research centre, and a game world. You will experience something completely new while discovering this… Loe lähemalt