Cafe Ambrosia

Cafe Ambrosia is a family cafe serving Greek food and flavours. We really love what we do – good food is our passion. We prepare various confectionery and bakery products (cakes, pies), light salads and sauces (Greek salad, dzadziki), sweets… Loe lähemalt

Emmaste Tea House

Emmaste Tea House is a pleasant and cosy roadside restaurant on Hiiumaa, where you can dine on site or buy food to go. We do our best to make you feel at home with us. Our menu includes delicious home-cooked… Loe lähemalt

Gahwa Café

Gahwa Café is located in the centre of Kärdla and it offers several different coffees and teas. Café Gahwa offers for example mate tea, Congo coffee, etc. The range of coffees and teas offered is diverse. Besides coffee or tea… Loe lähemalt

Kati söögituba

The café located in the very heart of Emmaste offers catering for groups and individual guests. There is a spacious room housing a little bar on the second floor. Loe lähemalt

Shop of Baabad

Baabad (Baba – a word for female in Slavic languages) is active in handicraft and recycling, and sometimes runs one-day cafés. Why one-day cafés? Because Kärdla has long been known as the town of “coffee kegs” and today this tradition… Loe lähemalt

Shop/cafe Kala ja Võrk

Kala ja Võrk is a fish and fishing tackle shop/café in Kärdla, Hiiumaa. Our story began in 2000, when a coastal fisherman with a small fish business in the Kärdla market found that the premises were too small for his grand… Loe lähemalt

Tuletorn Café

Tuletorn Café is located at the foot of the 500-year-old Kõpu Lighthouse. Its menu includes hearty meals, local smoked fish, ice cream, and soft drinks. There is a handicrafts centre in the adjacent building from which you can buy Hiiumaa… Loe lähemalt