Guest house

Dagen Haus Guesthouse

Dagen Haus Guesthouse is located on Island Hiiumaa, next to the seaside, in the old granary of Orjaku manor. Stone buildings of the manor were built in the 1840ies. The main building has always been practical and modest. Granary of… Loe lähemalt

Hõbekala Guesthouse

Hõbekala Guesthouse is located in the westernmost tip of Hiiumaa, between the Ristna lighthouse and Surfiparadiis. The island’s most beautiful and diverse beaches, forests, and landscapes can all be seen within a kilometre. We have: – spacious and bright comfortable… Loe lähemalt

Katri Guesthouse

Katri Guesthouse is located in the middle of fields, forests, and beautiful nature. The sea is just 5 km from here. Come with your family or organise a memorable event for a larger group. You can use the fireplace room,… Loe lähemalt

Keldrimäe Guesthouse

The Keldrimäe Guesthouse is located in a former manor in the heart of Kassari village on the island of Hiiumaa. The manor was built in the 18th century and belonged to the Stackelberg family. Some of the original buildings and… Loe lähemalt

Kivijüri Guesthouse

The cosy Kivijüri Guesthouse in Kärdla, the capital of Hiiumaa, offers ideal accommodation for families and smaller groups. Due to its good location, you can reach the city square and the beach in just a few minutes. Loe lähemalt

Roograhu harbour guesthouse

Roograhu harbour guesthouse is located right by the sea and is an ideal vacation spot for families and small groups of friends. It offers beautiful views over the Tahkuna peninsula and the Hiiessaare lighthouse. You can explore the island by… Loe lähemalt

Ungru Guesthouse

The barque Hioma, which was built in Suursadam, Hiiumaa and was the first Estonian vessel to sail around Cape Horn, returned to its home in 1857. The dignified customhouse that witnessed this historic event has now been turned into a beautiful guesthouse.… Loe lähemalt

Viinaköök Guesthouse

The guesthouse is located in the historic distillery of Kõrgessaare Manor, an impressive stone house from 1881. You can spend the night in a comfortable room, relax in the Finnish sauna, and rent bicycles on site. There is a playground… Loe lähemalt

Villa Kertelhof Guesthouse

Villa Kertelhof Guesthouse is located in Hiiumaa, in the centre of Kärdla. The dignified house on the main street was moved to Kärdla in the late 1930s from Õngu, where it served as a prayer house for many years. Villa… Loe lähemalt