Alvars can be best described as thin-soiled meadows rich in lime where there are almost no trees or bushes. Alvars can have up to 20 centimetres of soil but at times there is no soil at all and vegetation in… Loe lähemalt

Artesian wells in Kärdla

The slanted limestone layers of the meteor crater near Kärdla, Hiiu County put pressure on groundwater. The water bursts out of the ground in an uninterrupted stream through pipes placed 10–15 metres under the ground’s surface. There are especially many… Loe lähemalt

Helmersen rock field

Heilu rocks were first described and characterised by the Russian geologist Gregor Helmersen in 1871 and 1879. His name is also connected to rocks elsewhere in Estonia. With over 80 rocks on the 0.5 hectare plot, carried to their location by… Loe lähemalt
Ristna Visitor Centre, which forms the centre of Hiiumaa Recreation Area, administered by the State Forest Management Centre (RMK), is in the village of Kalana, just off the Kõpu–Ristna road. It provides information about all leisure options offered by the RMK… Loe lähemalt

Kaibaldi area of loose sand

The largest area of loose sand in Estonia is located on Hiiumaa! If you think you have already seen everything Hiiumaa has to offer, we invite you to discover something completely different! In the Pihla-Kaibaldi Nature Reserve, in the middle… Loe lähemalt

Kallaste cliff in Hiiu County

Kallaste cliff is a limestone outcrop, about 400 metres long and up to 10 metres tall. There is an old pine forest on the cliff, through which you can walk along the terrace. In the southern part of the cliff,… Loe lähemalt

Kärdla City Park

The City Park takes up 5.2 ha. The first part of the park was established in the 1860s after the church was finished in a place called Kirikupõllu (Church field). A more thorough tree planting took place in the beginning… Loe lähemalt

Kõrgessaare orchids’ study bed

The study bed provides an excellent possibility for examining domestic orchids within a short period of time and without any guides. There are 10 species of orchids growing naturally on the study bed. The best time to see blooming species… Loe lähemalt

Kurisu sinkhole

Kurisu sinkhole is located near Kurisu village. The upper part of the sinkhole has a diameter of about 32 metres, in the lower part it narrows down to 12 metres, and it is 6.2 metres deep. In here, the creek… Loe lähemalt

Luidja alder forest

Luidja alder forest may seem like an average black alder forest to everyday passers-by as you can find these trees elsewhere in Hiiumaa marshes and stream banks. But in fact this is an area which has more than a hundred… Loe lähemalt
Neljateeristi nature trail runs along the northern coast of Kõpu Peninsula. It is possible to examine the communities characteristic to Kõpu there. Möirasoo is a little coastal spring fen, where it is possible to see the yew tree that is… Loe lähemalt

Orjaku study trail

Orjaku study trail runs mainly on the shore of the Gulf of Käina. The avifauna of the Gulf of Käina, which consists of 192 species, is interesting and biodiverse. In the autumn, 10–15 thousand water and coastal birds stop on… Loe lähemalt

Paluküla Health Trail in Hiiumaa

The Paluküla Health Trail in Hiiumaa invites you to enjoy the fresh air of the island and admire the local nature. There is a 1.8 km illuminated trail, where you can walk, run, cycle, or ski depending on the weather.… Loe lähemalt


This unusual name marks the location of a unique headland. You know you are close to the destination if you see the statue of Leigri, a hero of Hiiu County. The esker runs from north-east to south-west. Its higher parts… Loe lähemalt

Sooääre forest trail

After a visit to Soera Farm Museum it is interesting to look around in old farm lands. The trail runs in the forest close to the farm on former hayfields and grasslands and enters the marsh here and there. So… Loe lähemalt

Vanajõe valley study trail

The Vanajõe valley study trail forms part of the Tihu landscape reserve and winds along the banks of the prettiest river on the island of Hiiumaa and the tops of its valley, which are up to six metres high in places.… Loe lähemalt