There is a fun café in the new Tuuletorn experience centre. Our dishes are simple yet delicious, and a little mysterious, our ingredients are local, and our people are awesome. RUUDI is a truly lovely place to spend time at. Loe lähemalt

Champagne bar and restaurant KORK

Kork, which was originally a seasonal summer cafe in Kärdla Marina, now also includes a restaurant and is also open during the winter season. The terrace with a wonderful view behind the house gives you the opportunity to enjoy the… Loe lähemalt

Grillhouse "Lest ja Lammas"

This grillhouse located at the start of the Sääretirp road in Kassari seats up to 160 people in the summer. In fine weather, it is a perfect place for sitting outdoors, where the barbecued meals are prepared in a special… Loe lähemalt

Linnumäe Restaurant

Linnumäe is a restaurant that is open all year round and serves simple yet delicious meals. We are located right on the border of Kärdla, before a Selver shop. In summer, we offer a healthy breakfast in addition to the… Loe lähemalt

Pritsumaja Restaurant

Pritsumaja Restaurant has something for both vegans and meat lovers. The selection is compact but comprehensive – from a juniper burger to an Italian risotto. Food made with love, high quality, and clean raw ingredients.The Pritsumaja Restaurant in the heart… Loe lähemalt

Rannapaargu restaurant

With 50 years of history, Restaurant Rannapaargu is best known for its unbeatable location right on the beach, with amazing sunset views. While being located just a few minutes from Kärdla’s main square.Rannapaargu is not just a renowned restaurant, but… Loe lähemalt

Restaurant at the Roograhu Port

The restaurant of the Roograhu Port is located right by the sea and open all year round. In addition to excellent pizzas, the selection comprises tasty soups, salads, and mains. The menu of the Roograhu port restaurant also includes seasonal… Loe lähemalt

Restaurant PadaKonn

Located in Suuremõisa Castle, Padakonn is a family restaurant offering dishes inspired by German cuisine. The menu includes local forest, field, and seafood! We also have music and art! We have four halls that can seat up to 75 people.… Loe lähemalt

Restaurant Ungru

Restaurant Ungru is a seaside restaurant on the northern shore of Hiiumaa, where the atmosphere is created by a former customhouse, the environment of Suursadam and most importantly, the excellent food and service. Combining the traditional flavours and ingredients of… Loe lähemalt