Hiiumaa’s well-divided coastline is more than 300 kilometres long and provides a wealth of holiday opportunities for every visitor. The sandy beaches suitable for sunbathing and swimming are mostly located on the island’s northern side. On the western point of the Kõpu Peninsula are Estonia’s best surfing beaches, where practitioners of watersports that are becoming more and more popular stay throughout the season. Especially remarkable and unique in Estonia is the steep beach located on the southern side of the Ristna Cape, where the beach is covered in coarse sand and the sea deepens just a few steps from the waterline. You can also enjoy amazing sunsets in Ristna.

Liivalauka beach / Photo: Merlin Lige
Luidja beach / Photo: Katrin Hordo

Every visitor will certainly find a beach to their taste.

The best known beaches are Kärdla, Tõrvanina, Lehtma, Tahkuna, Mangu, Luidja, Pallinina, Ristna and Kaleste.

Photo: Ivo Panasyuk

If you just want to enjoy amazing views and stroll along the seashore then it is worth visiting Säärtirp, which is a unique and beautiful headland on the Kassari Peninsula.

Sääretirp / Photo: Ivo Panasyuk

However, if you want to enjoy large sand fields and do not care about water, we recommend visiting the Kaibald sandplain, which at almost 12 hectares is the largest loose sand field in Estonia.

Kaibaldi sandplain / Photo: Ivo Panasyuk