Hiiumaa has many beautiful natural spots and interesting places that illustrate the island’s culture and history. We wish you a journey of discovery!


Hiiumaa provides the never-ending joy of discovery regardless of whether you travel by car, by bike or hike on foot. If you decide to discover Hiiumaa on your own, you can take a tour around Hiiumaa.

Touring the island of Hiiumaa

The tour around Hiiumaa has been put together based on Hiiumaa’s famous lighthouse tour. The lighthouse tour was originally a driving route created by Douglas Wells, a Nebraskan who worked on the island in the 1990s as a volunteer. The tour leads visitors on an exciting trip to see Hiiumaa’s most important landmarks. He also wrote a book about his adventures on Hiiumaa called “In Search of the Elusive Peace Corps Moment: Destination: Estonia”.
The most important landmarks are still there and Hiiumaa’s long-time guide Helgi Põllo has updated and improved the original lighthouse tour with interesting new facts. The tour starts when you arrive at Heltermaa harbour and ends at the Vaemla wool factory, passing Hiiumaa’s famous lighthouses, harbours, churches, valleys and other significant places on the way.

More detailed stories and instructions for the tour around Hiiumaa can be found HERE. We wish you a journey of discovery!

Tahkuna lighthouse / Photo: Ivo Panasyuk

Something for everyone

– lighthouses
Five lighthouses of Hiiumaa are used as navigational aids, three of which are open to visitors: Kõpu, Tahkuna and Ristna. All three are protected under heritage conservation and are among Hiiumaa’s most important sights. The oldest lighthouse in the Baltic sea – the Kõpu lighthouse – can even be considered to be the island’s symbol.

– natural sites
Hiiumaa’s nature is remarkably diverse and there is a lot to see, from the meteorite crater in Kärdla with bubbling artesian wells to the landscape-defying Vanajõe valley. There are several groves and erratic boulders, the Kallaste cliff, which is intertwined with ferns, and the magical Säärtirp in Kassari. And believe it or not – Hiiumaa even has its own desert!

– historical sites
There are many churches and chapels in various conditions to discover on Hiiumaa, which portray the history of the island’s religious movements through its diverse architecture. However, those interested in the island’s military history can go to Tahkuna to see the exhibit of the Hiiumaa Military Museum. There are also several buildings and farm museums which belonged to former manor complexes and give you a taste of the island’s past way of living, and monuments.

cultural sites
There are several active community centres, cultural centres and smaller concert venues on Hiiumaa, which you can visit during your stay on the island. In Kärdla, you will find an art gallery called Nelja Nurga Galerii and a puppet theatre (Nukuteater). Soonlepa livestock manor and Dagen Haus in Kassari organise cosy cultural events all year round. And, of course, there are nine libraries on the island, which, in addition to book lending, organise lectures, workshops and exciting meetings with writers.

– locals recommend
Roberta, 32: “If you are coming to Hiiumaa, I strongly recommend visiting Kassari island, which has amazing natural scenery and where you can go horseback riding, enjoy cosy beaches and walk towards the sea along Säärtirp. Restoring your spirits is guaranteed!”

Kaia, 32: “Hiiumaa’s sandy beaches are simply wonderful! I recommend Tõrvanina, Mangu, Paope or any beach on the Kõpu Peninsula.”

Ave-Marii, 48: “I recommend visiting Ristna beach where you can see the most beautiful sunsets and wonderful waves during storms.”

Annika, 27: “Vanajõe valley is a place on Hiiumaa that is calling me back time and time again!”