Practical information

Hiiumaa – a place of clean nature and peace

Hiiumaa is a land of calm beaches, berry forests, junipers and solitude. It is the smallest, but most forested, county in Estonia. An island where you really cannot measure time because life here is guided by the sea, the winds and the sun. People of Hiiumaa know how to value what is truly important: peace, heart-warming scenery, time spent with family and a close-knit community.

Orjaku harbour / Photo: Ivo Panasyuk

Hiiumaa – an invigorating island

Are you tired of the constant noise and never-ending bustle of city life? Or perhaps you are looking for a place where you can get out of bed in the morning and go straight to picking berries in the forest or boating between islets? Or would you like to telework for a while, right in the middle of nature? There are many reasons for coming to Hiiumaa. We welcome you all year round and offer you a soft bed, fresh air, good local food and, when you need a change from exploring nature, an abundance of cultural events. But we promise you this: we have no traffic jams or a culture of rush, rush, rush. On Hiiumaa, you can give your mind a break and invigorate your soul.