How do you get to Hiiumaa?

Ferries Tiiu and Leiger, which are named after local heroes, go to Hiiumaa from the Rohuküla harbour, and Soela departs from Triigi harbour on Saaremaa. If you are in a hurry to get away from the mainland and embrace nature, you can board a plane at Tallinn and reach the island in 30 minutes. The harbours of Hiiumaa also kindly welcome those coming by boat. When the wintry weather conditions are suitable, the longest ice road in Europe will also be opened, so you can drive to the island while looking out your car window and admiring the ice fields.

On working days, flights depart from Tallinn and Kärdla twice a day, in the morning and evening. On Saturdays, the plane flies in both directions in the morning and on Sundays in the evening. A ticket (one way) costs 25 euros. The airport bus (free of charge) departs from Kärdla bus station 35 minutes before the flight and check-in at Kärdla Airport is closed 20 minutes before the plane’s departure.